Little Update

For those in need of a wonderful music fix you can listen to Scott McMahon’s new remix. I came across his extraordinary voice when he was busking by the Southbank Centre in London. With the virus stopping tourism, the Arts, and life as we knew it, I wondered what he was doing, so checked his site. Support him if you can. The album is available for download as well as cd. He has other albums and a you tube channel. His version of U2’s One is very good.

Here life has been plodding along. I managed to get the hole and dislocations in my shoulder operated on before this second wave paralysed the country. I’ve started to craft again thanks to physio. Christmas is going to hopefully happen but not as in previous years. Elderly relatives won’t be taken out for a Christmas meal and travelling won’t happen. We are hoping that the “bubble” of us and the 2 grown up children will be allowed. So much is unknown. 

We’ve managed to see a vet. I’ve been concerned about the Labrador’s sight since rescuing her last October. She saw a specialist last week. It is PRA, and not the cataract removal we thought could be operated on. PRA has no cure. It’s hereditary. She is progressing towards total blindness. She came to the rescue as an ex breeding bitch aged 7. Hopefully the breeder didn’t start breeding her until she was mature at 2 years. So imagining she was used for 5 years (rescued aged 7) and around 2 litters a year of on average 6-8 puppies, that makes 60-80 puppies out there who could have PRA if as much attention was paid in the selection of a father was taken in her selection of her as a healthy mother. 60-80 puppies facing blindness unknown to new owners. Did they not ever get her tested? Did 60-80 people not see father and mother’s hip and eye scores before paying £2000 per pup? The breeder made about £12000- £16000 from a dog who should never have been bred from. 

If anyone you know is looking for a lockdown dog, tell them to rescue one from a shelter. 

Sorry no pics this time. I can’t even see what I’m typing now as blogger isn’t iPad friendly.


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