Longest UFO is finished!

10 years ago I was handed a carrier bag with bits of Cathedrals in in various states of finishing, by 2 ladies who were kind of working together. I have ignored it for months (if not longer) at a time, as it looks too busy to my eye.  But after 10 years where it was on my To Do List, it has finally been ticked off. I got really strict with myself over the Summer, so it could go to charity in plenty of time to help with a Christmas fundraiser. 
I will let you know if this charity acknowledges receipt by email. I never did hear about the stockings. It makes me worried about posting things again to them. There were some background "envelopes" left over of the same colours, so I have started turning them into cushion covers. This is far less intimidating than the quilt! I prefer the uniformity of this. One down and 5 to go! Today I went off list to make the next journal/bloglog book, to take over from the Cow Parsley one. As we are Autumn, it has a silver on blue cobweb backgro…

October -surely it is time to slow down now?

Here I am in a bit of woodland looking at Eastnor castle yesterday. It was the last day of it being open until Easter so instead of getting on with more work, we skived off. This place has been on my bucket list for a while. It was the location of Chesters in Box of Delights in 1984. It is one of my fav films. Amazon sell the dvd, radio broadcast and book by John Masefield. If you are looking for a Christmas or colder weather film, then do watch this. For those of you who are already fans, this site is amazing! I'm standing close to the spot where Peter was scrobbled by Abner Brown and his men, before being thrown in the dungeons. The film shows Abner swimming in the lake. It must have been freezing for the actor Robert Stephens in Winter!
You want to see inside this Victorian Castle don't you?
These are just a few of the many many photos. Dogs are allowed in the castle even upstairs as long as they are on leads. Amazing! You can sleep here too. See the link to the castle web…

Autumn is in the Air

Hello Lovelies! This cushion cover is what I made from the little triangle off-cuts from the Lollygagging bed drape for the zig zag leaf edges. The backing is the same soft cotton herringbone weave fabric too.
2 pairs of shoes have lavender bags and 4 more coat hangers. This time Kaffe Mosaic and my all time favourite Freckle in pink. More grey bags are waiting on lavender drying.

This was all I had managed to make in a week where I was on antibiotics which made me sleepy.
So let me show you what I made on Saturday. 7 blue lined doggy stockings 3 green and gold dot lined doggy stockings- these 10 went to a dog charity Open Day and Show on Sunday.  I kept this holly one for my Christmas pile. 15 glasses cases inter-lined in pellon also went to the dog charity.  I finished this cotton cardigan at long last. Thankfully I was onto the button bands and collar when I pulled my shoulder. The yarn wasn't knitting like the one the pattern was designed for so I did a lot of improvising. Al…

Lavender Lollygagging

I've made a bed end drapy thing like we had in the hotel in Ross back in July. I swore no more big projects as I've no need of another big quilt in this little cottage, but this was make-able almost totally from stash. I only had to dash out for a FQ of the leaf fabric to finish the 8 maple leaves at the ends. The centre is by Nancy Halvorsen in her Art to Heart "Cider mill Road" booklet. I like working from her designs as she even reverses the lettering ready for heat and bond applique. I didn't put her flowers on though, just added more leaves. With Autumn hopefully in the air after what feels like a very long Summer, this bed end drape will keep our toes cosy. 

I backed it in a very pale green herringbone weave cotton cloth. It is incredibly soft. I think the poor fabric has lingered in stash for a decade just waiting for this project. I have plenty of leftovers so maybe I can make some matching cushion covers.
I made my Granny some lavender bags in a bright …

Cottage Makes

Sorry this is a day late. I was away from the cottage yesterday. Today though, my first ever brand new armchairs arrived! I've always had relatives' casts offs until this moment. The comfort of these Ikea torsebro chairs is wonderful for my broken rib, and bad back generally. Another new arrival is the dvd of the "Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society" film. I can at least stroke the picture of THE coat now. Giggle.
I think I am getting ready to hole up for Autumn. 
I've made a few bits this week:  My friend Ulla made me a double pin holder for knitting. I thought it was such a fantastic idea that I've made more of them!  I chose pink leather and wrote the size on in sharpie pen. One step closer to looking organised! Of course one make leads to another. Next was a "built to last" knitting needle bag. Inside out you can see a leather bottom. It has leather sides too. Bead and ribbon decoration for the zip.  Cerise pink trim and handles, teal…

Yarn and fabric play.

As I'm taking it easy still, thanks to malingering body. I've had time to make this new cotton shopping bag in crochet. Wide handle so it doesn't dig in when loaded. I included some of my favourite flower rows from Sophie's Universe and made the design up as I went along. A 22" cushion cover for charity. All Christmas themed fabrics.  I particularly like the middle section which were decorations on a sheet for mini stockings.  Snowmen on the front and snowmen on the back.  The very last of the Christmas scraps went into these 4" coasters. 
I was amazed at how this scrappy granny is coming along. It kind of reminds me of a pond in a flower garden in a Monet-ish way. No doubt it will change when I get more scraps of yarn. For now I am scrap free. It wont stay that way for long. I've been buying more cheap acrylic 100g balls with an idea for a "land" panel to join onto the ripple section.  I keep a journal/list book. This cowslip themed fabric wit…