Sindy is Every Girl's Dream in a Time of Corona

I think the UK Government is going to ask the public to wear a mask in public places next. There is a significant increase in traffic noise, so I think a lot of people aren't keeping to Lockdown any more. There are a lot of mixed messages in the press because our government can't agree what kind of easing should occur and when. If they dither too much I can see people making the best economic decision for their families, which may not be the best ones for their health. 
These came from the Institute of Good Housekeeping's pattern here
 My Lockdown hobby of re-collecting Sindy things also means I am making things for them.

 A second coat for Greyhounds In Need has been finished. Link to the pattern in previous blog post.

 The plastic ladder thing came in a job lot of Sindy and Barbie stuff. I don't know what it is really for but it resembled a bedstead. First I reinforced the ends then I hand quilted a bit of old pillowcase to make a mattress.
 I picked out a 70s loo…

So Much Change!

Do you remember the tapestry teapot chair I had so nearly finished but was looking for the right shade of pink rick rack? Well I gave up on the pink and found a gold braid. Perfect! Its amazing what you can buy online when you are unable to use the shops.

In the garden radishes, carrots, spring onions, beetroot, yellow beans, kale and lettuce have gone outside.
 Inside courgettes, peppers and tomatoes.

The Amazons Nancy and Peggy Blackett (from Swalllows and Amazons by Arthur Ransome) are wearing the red hats and the D's Dorothea and Dick Callum (from other Arthur Ransome books in the series) are all wearing new cardigans now. I'm so happy to see them cosy in this changeable weather.

The weather is cooler and breezier today bringing some much needed rain overnight. Hopefully it will make it easier for people to stay inside. Most people are abiding by the rules. The word Corvidiots has been invented for those who are going to public places and not keeping 6ft apart, or trying …

April Fools Day -update

I woke up this morning hoping that Corona was all some kind of joke. When this first started I would wake thinking the world was normal for a few moments before this new reality hit. My mindset has changed! My subconscious has accepted this new reality. I’m 18 days into social distancing and 9 days into lockdown. This acceptance has taken a while! lol

I’ve been keeping busy working on the house. The new lighting is in the right position in the craft room. We've been taking advantage of our bedroom being almost empty above to get those long put off tasks done.

I’ve started making cardigans for my 4 Arthur Ransome dolls. 2 down 2 to go.

They also have a second bag for their accessories. Oh yes 2020 is the year I’m trying to get more organised!

Out of left over 4 ply from socks, I’ve been making Sindy and Barbie things. It’s very satisfying to use up the small amounts of left over yarn. Nothing was wasted in the war, and this current war is against an invisible enemy.
 Groovy! Love i…