Stratford Upon Avon and watery makes

Welcome to Stratford Upon Avon.  We are here enjoying the April sunshine by the River Avon.  South of the current town centre is the church where Shakespeare is buried.  The Royal Shakespeare Theatre is the place where his work is kept very much alive.  The back of the theatre.  Stratford Church. Sadly closed for a couple of weddings so no tomb pics.   Beautiful apple blossom.
After the shock of my step father's death, a little earlier than the oncologist thought, I had a craving to make something blue.  This little mini quilt is what happened.   I loved paper piecing the pond itself then appliqueing the leaves flowers and wings.   I had some stash beads which were just right for the dragonfly bodies.  Sirdar Colourwheel shade 204 was great for this slouch hat.The turquoise shades have yet to be used. I think someone got the yarn weight wrong for this pattern as it only took half the stated amount.  I wore this hat with a grey polo neck and my tweed jacket for the Stratford trip…

March Catch Up

The weather has been glorious in the Forest. This is the River Wye at Redbrook.  Not all events have been happy this month sadly. My stepfather George passed in his sleep from small cell lung cancer. I made an angel to go in his coffin. He was in the Merchant navy in his youth, so the dress is of the ocean and the background glitters with stars. A little bird symbolises Scotland as Bonnie Prince Charles couldn't be referred to by name during the Jacobite Uprisings, so he is a bird in many songs.  An art shop in Ross where I buy my £1.99 hardback journals is closing down at the end of the month. I bought up all I could and made covers for them.  Yep I've stockpiled! The other places seem to want £7.20 or more for the same sort of thing.  Laurel Burch was one of my favourite designers. I really enjoyed using some of my long term stroke-ables as book covers.   I finished the 100% 4 ply black lambswool cardigan at last!   Its from a vintage design and due to the fine yarn became…

Valentine Snow finish.

I’ve finished the Bronwyn Hayes quilt in time for it to be a Valentine present for hubby.

Today he surprised me with a couple of bunches of daffodils from Lidl. It’s been an odd year as I’ve had them blooming in the garden in mid December! Today I noticed red anemones out there. This is definitely an odd weather year so far.