Yarn and fabric play.

As I'm taking it easy still, thanks to malingering body. I've had time to make this new cotton shopping bag in crochet. Wide handle so it doesn't dig in when loaded. I included some of my favourite flower rows from Sophie's Universe and made the design up as I went along. A 22" cushion cover for charity. All Christmas themed fabrics.  I particularly like the middle section which were decorations on a sheet for mini stockings.  Snowmen on the front and snowmen on the back.  The very last of the Christmas scraps went into these 4" coasters. 
I was amazed at how this scrappy granny is coming along. It kind of reminds me of a pond in a flower garden in a Monet-ish way. No doubt it will change when I get more scraps of yarn. For now I am scrap free. It wont stay that way for long. I've been buying more cheap acrylic 100g balls with an idea for a "land" panel to join onto the ripple section.  I keep a journal/list book. This cowslip themed fabric wit…

Kaffe Happiness

I bet you all have had a time where you just needed to make something to make you smile. Well these rose petal and lavender bags in a Kaffe Fassett fabric made me smile this week. This awful wrist is still too weak to be practical but it did iron a strip of 2012 hoarded Kaffe. I filled a couple with dried traditional rose petals from the garden, and the other 2 with dried lavender. The smell was heady and uplifting. Just what I needed! I really like how they came out.
I have officially used up all my scraps of cotton yarn in the base of this pot cover. The pot was one I had fired earlier but it has a weak spot in the rim, so hopefully this cover will be practical as well as pretty.

The sides are a row of trebles followed by a row of half trebles and a row of double crochet. I like the effect.
Another tick is finishing off the red 4 ply yarn I moved in with. The hat is a circle base, straight sides, then 2 stitches into every one, to form the brim, and straight afterwards. I think a l…

Yarn Use-Up Week

This week I can share the tree mittens I made last week as my friend has received the pair I was able to make her from the leftovers of my own.
I can also share the cotton drawstring rucksack I’ve just finished. I had to buy an extra ball of white crafting cotton for it.

Most of the time has been spent on a Leonie Morgan 7” hexagon block called Grandma’s Motif. I ran out of dark grey so used up the rest of my dark green. Then I ran out of pale grey, so used up the rest of my white stash. When plain white ran out, I used sparkling white. With only 4 blocks to go I ran out of denim blue, so a scrap of teal blue stepped in. The border used up all the green and sparkling white. A great stash buster! The size and shape  means it can go on a table, be a tv blanket, or wrap around as a shawl. Useful!

My wrist is still recovering, these things take far too long now I’m older! I’ll get back to fabric as soon as I can. Am I the only one who has fallen in love with the coat from “The Guernsey Li…

Tub pond adventure, right hand makes

The hot weather led to the water levels dropping in the tub pond we inherited in the garden. It was clear that there was hardly any room for water where it was choked with roots. This is what the 1m diameter root ball looked like. I chopped a few bits worth saving from it, and tried to wrestle it into the wheelie bin. That is where things started to go wrong. I'm not in my 20s anymore so struggled. not only did I end up looking and smelling like a swamp beast from the dripping stagnant mud, but I sprained my wrist. So feeble!
I've spent the last few days trying to do things just with my right hand, and going crazy in the 30+c heatwave. Christmas Tree crochet lap quilt got a border in sock yarn. I felt it needed a zig zag finish in red so I used stash acrylic for that. All the other yarns have some wool in, so it is very cosy. I can now officially say that I have used up my sock yarn! Challenge won!
I was now bored so I crocheted an uninspiring 100% wool 50g ball. I needle fel…

Sock yarn challenge

I challenged myself to use all my sock yarn. I managed these pairs  this week. There wasn’t enough yarn left for another whole pair so I started making some Leonie Morgan hexagons from all my sock scraps Slowly they are making a blanket.

 There are also some charity makes such as more lined bags, a couple of dried rose peal sachets, and 9 cup mats.

My pond has some 30th Anniversary plants now. We bought 4 salvias and a lavender. The others I already had.

A Mix of Makes

It's been an all sorts week for making. Another pair of knee high/ ankle slouch socks. I'm making a multicoloured pair at the moment slightly shorter. I'm about to do the heel on the second sock, so you should hopefully see them next Wednesday. This is about the only evening knitting I can do when it is so hot.  I used Debbie Mumm's appliques to make 3 more cushions for charity.  Hopefully my friend can sell them to help Cyprus dogs. It has been surreal making things for Christmas in a heatwave. Is this how Australians feel every year? Christmas lavender bags, again for charity. At least these pastel cushion covers for charity felt a bit more seasonal. I used donated fabric for the backs of all 5 cushions. That felt good. This also felt good. This pump has been waiting since my 21st birthday to be used. We've moved house with it 3x but until now didn't have the right sort of garden. I am amazed that in spite of the battered box everything works! Of course I fo…