Crochet, Pottery and Sewing.

The last few days have brought some finishes. Leonie Morgan’s Pop Flowers from stash dk yarn was a joy to make. The pot and mask based on V for Vendetta survived biscuit firing and are now painted in acrylics. Finally the crochet hook roll shared last time has been joined by a roll down bag, so I can vary the size according to my project. With the final scrap from the nasturtium fabric, I made a pouch for the tin of yarn sewing up needles. 

May Makings to almost Midsummer

Hi Readers!
I know, long time no see from me but I have been doing a few crafty things. I'm still stash busting as much as possible. Has anyone else taken stock of their stash and wondered how they were ever going to use it up in their lifetime? So no more buying FQs without a specific purpose for me! ... well that is what I keep telling myself!
A baby hat from leftover dk. I stained these oak chairs back to as original as much as I could.  The woodshed fun makeover with new fascias is complete. The Norway inspired wool felt and appliqu├ęs is finally finished. It was so weird working on it with the sunshine outside Yes this really was how far behind I got with my crafting when the cottage and garden needed attention. Each is a real building I saw in the right colour apart from one.
I bought some pvc covered sage green cotton with cream stars on for the chair seats. Of course the table had to have the same protection too. The curtains are Honeysuckle from Country Diary of an Edward…

Craft Catch Up

A V for Vendetta mask pre- firing. Fingers crossed that it will survive to be a present for son.
It feels like I'm forever catching up here in Blogland. I've only just reclaimed my craft room from Son as he was turfed out of his room for re-boarding the floor, sound insulating it, putting ceiling lights into the room below, adding more sockets to it, and then finally redecorating it. He moved back into his room last night. It is the first room just as we want it, in the cottage. Just to complicate things I had also arranged to paint Hubby's office walls as he was away for a week. No more Barbie pink for him! He has orchid white just like his old office. It is a creamy white, so looks much better.
I am shattered however, so taking some time to sit and share the latest makings. Many are yarn based as son had the craft room sockets.  I've set myself a couple of new crafting challenges for the year. What you see is a bone nalebinding needle and a shuttle and cards for tab…

Take it easy crafting

Happy Valentine’s Day! I made my husband a hat and finished sewing it up just now. Everything has been a go slow this week with illness. I have managed to work on using up my odd balls of acrylic DK yarn.

This hat took a little less than 100g of dk acrylic.
Using 3 1/4mm needles I cast on 116 stitches. Stocking stitch for 8cm. (Rolled up brim.)
Change to 4mm needles and stocking stitch until work measures 27cm.
Cast off 16 stitches, knit 26, cast off 32, knit 26, and cast off the final 16 stitches.
I now had 2 groups of 26 stitches.
Dealing with one at a time exactly the same as one another:
purl a row.
Stocking stitch 45 rows, decreasing one stitch at either end of the row in 5th and every following 8th rows. You will end up with 14 stitches.
Work 8 rows decreasing at each end of every knit row.
You now have 6 stitches.
Work 3 rows and cast off.
Fold the ears in half and sew the seam. sew across the top of the head. The final seam is the back of the head. Don't forget to reverse…