Sindy is Every Girl's Dream in a Time of Corona

I think the UK Government is going to ask the public to wear a mask in public places next. There is a significant increase in traffic noise, so I think a lot of people aren't keeping to Lockdown any more. There are a lot of mixed messages in the press because our government can't agree what kind of easing should occur and when. If they dither too much I can see people making the best economic decision for their families, which may not be the best ones for their health. 

These came from the Institute of Good Housekeeping's pattern here

 My Lockdown hobby of re-collecting Sindy things also means I am making things for them.

 A second coat for Greyhounds In Need has been finished. Link to the pattern in previous blog post.

 The plastic ladder thing came in a job lot of Sindy and Barbie stuff. I don't know what it is really for but it resembled a bedstead. First I reinforced the ends then I hand quilted a bit of old pillowcase to make a mattress.
 I picked out a 70s looking long quarter and made a box pleat valance, sheet and a couple of pillows.
 I feel so lucky to live in the forest. It has been blissfully quiet without the townie cyclists demanding you and your dogs get out of their way. We've pottered slowly savouring each breath of nature. I heard and saw a raven!
 So take a little time to enjoy the beauty that only nature brings to our lives.
 I found an old mine shaft - probably Victorian.

 It's just a slit in the ground now as nature takes over.
 The girls are getting the hang of drinking in streams and pools. As it's been up to 23 degrees I didn't want them to overheat.

 Coconut smelling gorse was a wonderful colour combination with the blue sky.

 I dug out son's Action Men from the garage as the modern Ken doll doesn't bend at the knees, and can only sit at 2:50 not 3:00, so looks a bit silly in the Sindy house. Action Man however needs some civvies, so I made this little jumper.
 This is the earliest we have ever had the pool up.
 My veg are growing.
 One of my fav shades of blue and so refreshing on a sticky hot day like today.
 Lyla and Tink prefer to snooze in the shade.
 My wisteria is in flower for the first time!
 Pansies and violas with the sun shining through their petals like stained glass.

 Daughter needed some help with a Rupert Bear themed coat for her assistance dog Rupert. The design is totally hers.
 I got bored with my flag a day during social distancing, so I sewed all I had ready. I wont need to do another until 14th May. Hopefully by then we will know what is happening with corona virus and any possible lifting of lockdown.


Ulla said…
Beautiful nature photos of advanced Spring! It looks like Summer to me, especially your temperatures. It looks like you are having some well deserved fun with your dolls. The helper dog uniform looks almost professional!
I read the mask link. I wonder what happens to the metal part when the masks are washed? Our instructions show a way to make a pocket for the metal part so it can be removed for washing and you would only need one of them for each person.
Jeanie said…
Your woods looks beautiful and spring far ahead of here. I'm glad you have this beautiful area to enjoy during quarantine.

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