Horace the Gargoyle and Cottage Makes

 Horace the Gargoyle has an important job.
 The hold the bag containing various bird foods.
A Great Tit came in onto the bedroom window sill one morning so I used the bird fabric at the top, and Mary Engelbreit  garden fabric for the rest of the outside.
I added a pocket to the inside just in case I want to use it when gardening in Spring. The pocket should be enough for seed packets.
There has also been this make from a vintage piece of Diary of an Edwardian Lady "Wild Flowers."
It covers the little practice amp, and goes with the curtains in the living room which also come from the Diary of an Edwardian Lady range.
Da dar! Finished with a plain cream lining and a green dotty binding. The main amp will get the same treatment when the odd metre of the same fabric I tracked down, arrives.

I am liking this going away from plastic bags in the cottage and trying to make it cosy and pretty for these colder months which we spend more indoors.


Annie Coe said…
Came to say hello, bad blogger, happy to see all your lovely work, xoxo
Ulla said…
You are making your new home very stylish with the fabric covers and bags!
Deb said…
I absolutely adore the Edwardian Lady fabric. When the kids were little Beth was given a single duvet cover in that fabric and I have held it close just wondering what to do with it, never giving it up. I am sure one day I will think of something.
It's a good feeling getting rid of all of the plastic bags, we also have very few here at home. I am just trying to find some suitable fabric to make some fruit and vege bags for when we go shopping so that we don't have to just the plastic bags they have.
Tracy said…
Horace is lovely! How proud he stands, holding precious bag for essential bird feeding. :) LOVELY the bag--such super-sweet fabrics! And love your clever idea for homemade amp covers! Amps are not the most decorative things, are they?! Brilliant idea! The Edwardian Lady fabric is wonderful. I have The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady book, which I have revisited in a while--must remedy. And anything less plastic is Earth-friendly... very much my cup of tea to!! ;) Happy Autumn Days, my friend ((HUGS))
Thank you Annie, the bags should last a lot longer than plastic ones and look prettier. I'm still trying to find more of that furnishing cotton for the other amp.
Thanks Ulla. The little cottage is having small improvements as we adjust to living in it.
Hi Deb, Furnishing cotton bags for shopping have lasted years so far. I still have an amp left to cover, so am looking for more if the same fabric as the first amp. It is a beautiful range of fabrics, and vintage looking enough for the cottage. I'm sure you will find just the right project for Beth's old duvet cover. Maybe something for her children one day? Good luck!
Thanks Tracy, I like adding just a little quirkiness here and there to the cottage. The Forest is such a special place, apart from the rest of the county, it is nice to do something for its feathered residents. A lot of charity shops have Country Diary items in, so I am hoping to get more amp fabric for the other amp.
The amp cover is lovely - would like curtains like that :)
I try to use fabric bags instead of plastic, too. The shops here are charging more for plastic bags, a good idea as it makes people react to what they are doing.
I like Horace :)
Hi Anne-Lise, it's worth keeping an eye out in charity shops for the fabrics, as they come up every now and then. We have the plastic bag charge in Gloucestershire too. When you see on tv a turtle who has tried to swallow one thinking it is a jelly fish, you can understand why it is important to use them as little as possible. Horace: the guardian of the bird food! He makes me smile. This week we had nuthatches at the feeders for the first time! Exciting!
Terri said…
I was just thinking about you.... came by to see what's new. For some reason your posts don't come up on my reader.
Love your seed bag and amp cover. Very nice workmanship, and the print is lovely. Hope you find more of it.
So lovely to hear from you Terri. I have found a metre of a similar fabric from the same vintage range, so after the Elfing, I will make the cover. I’ve had my head down with Operation Elf. But will bring the blog up to date soon. There has been a lot of gadding. We went to Ludlow Christmas Fair, explored one of the filming locations of Box of Delights, been back to Oxford, and will be doing a Santa Run to Portsmouth this month.

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