Forest and Makings

A baby quilt for my goddaughter's daughter born this month. After making the Splendid Sampler Quilt for a year in pink and greys, this was the last colour combination in the world I wanted to do, but those are the colours her mother said her room will be in. It has blue tit birds and cow parsley and bees on, so it suits August.
A cover for her medical book with cone flowers on. They are in flower in the garden, so again suitable for August.
These are the first wheel turned pots I have made! There was an entire day allowed in the pottery room and boy did I need it to learn the technique. Really proud of them.
Everything survived the biscuit firing. They need painting in glazes next.

Let me show you the Forest nearest the cottage.
Crystal cobwebs with diamond dew drops.
A spider's hole.
Dead Men's Fingers funghi.
Cow parsley.
So many mushrooms appear overnight after the rain.
This is a special very old beech tree I call the Shroomy Tree as so many knobs on her look like mushrooms. She had the huge limb come down in the Spring winds due to rot. It was so sad to see. I will share the little dragon I have from one of the fallen branches next time.
Bracken is bronzing. It covers the floor of the forest, providing cover for baby boar in Spring.
At this time of the year these beetles gather together.
These are some of the oaks at the entrance to the Forest nearest the cottage. They look like they are dancing in the breeze with the shadows fluttering over the ground.
There is a particular place where you can look over some of the Forest to the west.
You can just about see the Brecon Beacons of Wales.
Squeak has joined me on this walk of ours.

This is the entrance to a mineshalf known as Lufty's Tump. it is boarded up now but when the weather was bone dry Son and I had a little explore.  Yes I did take my camera so will share.
I love how the sunlight has divided into its colours in this photograph. As a child I would screw my eyes up to see this and try to draw the colours with felt tips.
Now back out through the woods home.  The video below is 15 seconds. At the end you can hear the "kiew" of the buzzard.
I hope you liked the little introduction to the Forest. It is a very special place and full of inspiration.


Tracy said…
The baby quilt is LOVELY, and such a good gift! :) You pots are wonderful! Potter with the wheel is really challenging--well done! So glad your fired pieced turned out well! It's always a bit nervy, isn't it, waiting to to see how things fared after a fire. The forest is magical... so glad ypu have this special place near ypur doorstep to go wander and play... Cow parsely is such s pretty plant, I think. Thanks for the walk along with you, and the video too! :) Happy Days ((HUGS))
Terri said…
I, too, love your baby quilt, so sweet. AND the pottery! I tried in college. Here we call it "throwing" a pot made on the wheel. You made some beauties for your first time. Love your tiles. The glaze was always my favorite part. We had to make our own from information from the lecture. Mad Scientist work. LOL
But it is the walk through the woods that most reminds me of you. Good to have you back on the blogs.
Deb said…
The baby quilt is lovely Melanie. It certainly didn't take you long to make.
Thanks Tracy. I was so glad I could make something on the wheel. I will keep practicing. I've only one big coffee mug which ought to contain beer as it came from The Grizzly Paw in Canmore, Canada. I hope to be able to make something similar. I was glad everything survived. Yes the Forest is a very special place and so huge!
Thanks Terri. Yes it is called throwing here too. I was so glad to have managed to make something. It turns out that I am left handed for it, just like ironing. The tiles have the ogham symbols on them. I have 7 more to make for the full set. Ooo sounds exciting to make your own glazes. I'm glad you enjoyed the Forest. I've explored Glastonbury, Avebury and a few other places while here so hope to share those too.
Thanks Deb. It was an entire day of me ignoring long overdue housework. I needed to make it as quickly as possible as they don't stay little for long. I'll do some knitting for her after the dog blanket is finished. The 400g ball isn't shrinking though, and the blanket is 40-50cm long!
Annie Coe said…
OH, I love your forest!!! The Beech tree!!! The quilt is lovely and your clay work is coming along fast!! xoxo

Thank you Annie. I keep getting ideas for pottery. I would most like to make a big coffee mug and more tiny items. First I will finish the ogham leaf tiles.
Your pottery looks good! What fun!
The forest is lovely, getting ready for a change of colours :)
Beautiful gifts for the baby.
Little Busy Bee said…
A beautiful place for a walk, thanks for taking us along!
The baby quilt is lovely, a pretty and useful present. You have a talent for pottery, but most of all, it looks like you really enjoy it!
I'm glad you enjoyed the walk Suzie. My goddaughter liked the quilt, so I am happy. It was faster than knitting a blanket. Pottery is a lot of fun! Term starts on the 21st. Hopefully I will finish the ogham leaf tiles as well as make more pots on the wheel.
Yes pottery is a lot of fun! I'm trying to think of ways I can mix pottery with other materials in a project. Hanging pots mixing crochet with pottery would be interesting. Yes the forest is starting to wear her Autumn clothes. The Rowan leaves are pinking. I'm glad I could make something for my goddaughter's baby.

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