2016 Catch Up Crafts

   Here is one of the catch up Crafts posts. The last post was September 2016, on the old blog. This post contains the things made during the rest of the year. Fairy Tales got finished.
 I picked up a bowl for 5p at a car boot sale. This 1930s cottage was so sweet on the rim. I wanted to make a stitchery  from it.

The Welcome panel was made into a wall hanging.
Blue socks were knitted.
I managed to make a hat from an odd ball of Rowan 100% wool yarn. It was a joy to knit up.

Using air dried clay I made a face. I traced actual leaves from Heywood, then I created my own felt in the colours I was seeing that Autumn there. The result is Heywood Man in the Green Man tradition.
A friend with a couple of salukis needed coats.

Sorry this pic is blurry but it is the only one I took of these slouch socks. The foot is plain red and the ankles are flame colours.
This was a charity make to help dogs in Cyprus.
My new journal cover for the new cottage.
A charity dog coat from left overs. I like those two colours together.
Leads and collars for charity.
52 rainbow leads for a rescue in Cyprus.
These 2 photos show book covers for children's vaccination books. They are for sale at a drs in london.

I used tea bag paper to create a skirt based on Monet's lily pond.
I took a class in soft leather work. This was my first attempt! A Winter themed bag with 3 tomte on either side.
Tissue holders.
Advent calender
Daughter had a bottle she wanted to make more sea-ish. I had some left over nylon rope which I found in a hedge the very day I needed cord for PE bags years ago. So using my biggest crochet hook I made this mesh to give her the look she wanted, There was only just enough!
On ebay I found a pattern for a jumper I made daughter when she was little. For pure nostalgia I made this one for the One-Day Trunk.
A friend needed a dog coat so I made 2. One there and one in the wash as she liked pale pink so much.
Snood to match the coat above, as the saluki liked to have a warm neck following an old injury. It was lined in the same sherpa fleece as the coat.
A beautiful yarn for a don't get lost in an avalanche hat.
James Brett Marble yarn made this jumper dress and scarf duo. The pattern photo was misleading as the scarf is too narrow to really behave like a snood.
A little mini quilt in Summery fabrics so the butterflies could have flowers. I found the pattern on Craftsy as a freebie but already had some butterflies so used them instead of stitched ones.

Sorry this is such a long read. I think 2 more posts this long will bring crafting up to date. Is that ok with you all?


Deb said…
Well you can definitely say that you haven't let the grass grow under your feet as far as crafting goes. How you managed to fit all of this in as well as shift house etc , truly amazes me. In fact you always amaze me with the amount of things you achieve. x
Hi Deb, at the time it felt like I didn't do a thing over Summer because the garden was a jungle, then I had to do a Mad lot of making for Christmas. I'll share Spring 2017 makings next.
Ulla said…
All that gathered together shows that you hardly could have had time to sew, knit, sculpt etc. and take classes, and write a blog about it all at the same time. So much charity work too, your work really makes a difference.
There certainly was a lot of charity making. It was all for good causes but did mean I didn't do a lot of my own thing. The List was barely dented. It was very hard to think about returning to Blogland when I was juggling so much and settling into a new cottage in a new area. I still have packed boxes!
Annie Coe said…
Melanie, you never cease to amaze me. I can't imagine when you sleep :-). Wonderful makings. xoxo
This was about 3 months work Annie, when the garden needed less attention. Coffee helps! Thank you.
Tracy said…
Sooo many wonderful things you've made, Melanie... such variety too! The cottage stitchery is so sweet.... and your Heywood-Greenman is amazing! And love your paper skirt and winter gnome leather bag! The beautiful butterfly mini quilt looks very familiar... ;) As ever, I'm just in awe of how much you create and accomplish! Looking forward to the next post! ((HUGS))
Thank you Tracy. It didn't feel like a productive year at the time where I was taming the garden. One day I hope to make the skirt in fabric coloured in inktense blocks. To make the colour stay, you just iron on a hot dry setting.

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