Knitting Weather

 Hello dear friends! Whichever one of you has August, could you please return it? We seem to have someone's October and I am very willing to send its rain and cold wind back.
Still the garden's loss is my needles' gain. I'm making a blanket in leftover Aran yarn to match the knitted dog coat. It is definitely knitting and hot chocolate weather!

I have saved all the photos from where my old blog stopped, so I can share makings from the past year, and a few trips. I will try to catch things up over several posts.

Thank you all for being here.


We cannot do much about the weather so I am very happy to have such a great hobby when the rain are pooring down outside.. I wish that summer will revisit soon !!
So do I Anne Marie. It has been too cold and wet in England for August. Having a fire in August is almost unheard of. The knitting is progressing nicely but I've finished the hot chocolate.
Deb said…
Oh gosh your fire looks so inviting. It sounds very much like you are having the same weather as us at the moment, rain, rain and wind although our weekend was spring all through. Still enjoy your knitting moments in the warm.
Thanks Deb, sympathies with the weather. Are you knitting anything at the moment?
Little Busy Bee said…
Same here!...Although this morning is sunny! But rain is forecasted...
Lovely and useful knitting, I'll be looking for your photos!
Ulla said…
The fire looks inviting, and the big knitting project must be warm on your lap. Cloudy skies here too, after a couple of sunny days. I could use your present weather in October!
Hi Ulla, thankfully the dog blanket won't be too big and heavy to knit with. Having some wool in the yarn instead of pure acrylic makes it lovely to work with. I will see what I can do about sending you the weather in October. I'm really looking forward to seeing the Autumn colours in the forest.
I've managed to drop box the craft photos from last September until June onto my iPad but Google Photos has yet to work out that they are saved here along with the recent photos. There's always some technical glitch! I am glad I'm not the only one having an unseasonable August. Are you knitting early too Suzie?
Annie Coe said…
You look cozy. I know August will return for you. Your dogs are very lucky :-). xo
The dog coat will be for a shelter dog or to raise money for a shelter. I'm working on a matching blanket.
Tracy said…
We're having a bit of October here in Norway too, and hoping August will make a comeback yet! But yes, it is good yarn weather, if nothing else. ;) LOVELY knitting you've got on the needles...and I like the heathery-y yarn!
It is a Heyfield bonus aran tweed in shade 0930. 74% acrylic, 20% wool and 6% viscose. It knits up well and wears well without distortion. Maybe we should have a yarn-athon for a couple of hours one day?

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