Work In Progress

Welcome to my first blog post here at Rowan Tree Cottage. Google Photos app is still trying to take all the pics from the iPad. We have been at the cottage for a year now so making things has been on a back burner while we tamed the garden and adapted to living in the forest.

I hope to share the forest with you, some gallivanting about the area, a bit of history where I can, the garden and things I am making, in future posts.

To old friends: welcome, have a cup of tea and a slice of cake or some home made lemonade as the sun is shining, and we will have a natter here throughout the year.


Tracy said…
Soooo HAPPY to see you back in blogland, Melanie!! :))) And what a beautiful start this is! Very much looking forward to all your share, makes, out & about and more! Lovely jug of flowers... one of my gandmothers, her fave flowers were gladious, so I thinl of here when I see them. The flowers are perfect for August, with a hint of autumn in the red and glad... Great to have you back! ((BIG HUGS))
Little Busy Bee said…
It's so good to have you back, Melanie! I have missed your posts, photos, your beautiful work, a lovely time of sharing has just started! You're so welcome!
Thank you Tracy. I liked all the rainbow colours together. I will start to add to the blogs I follow list.
That is so sweet Suzie. I was juggling too much to get something sorted before, but after a year in the cottage it was more than time to get back into the swing of things. I have missed Blogland: seeing what people are making, and giving and receiving encouragement.
Annie Coe said…
Melanie, So wonderful to have you blogging again! I am a bad blogger these day, doing art full time I am on face book a lot to sell my work. I still blog at the same spot, but not much anymore. I can't wait to hear and see more about the forest and of course your wonderful makings. xoxo
Hi Annie, I'm so happy that you are selling well. I've tried Facebook but I do prefer the friendships of Blogland. I am so pleased that there are still so many old friends in Blogland. I'm adding people to my blogs to follow as I reply. I'll be over in a sec, to see what you are working on!
Ulla said…
Welcome back, Melanie! So good to get you back to blogland again.
Thank you Ulla, it is nice to be back and not in a place with technical issues. I have missed being here. Hopefully we will be sharing lots of new adventures in Blogland again.
Deb said…
Wohoo, it must be the time for fresh starts for both of us. Lets hope we have fun this time. Welcome back!
You too Deb! Welcome back to Blogland!
Hi Melanie, I am still in blogland. Though I am not as active as I used to be :-)
Good to have you back Melanie!! Take care and have fun !
We will keep in touch ....
So good to hear that so many long standing friends like yourself still blog. I will add you to my list. It appears on another page for some reason. I am glad that you are still making things as you have such an eye for good fabric combinations.
Welcome back. I am still around, although I don't post so often now. Looking forward to hearing from you again.
Thank you Anne-Lise. I will add you to my reading list. I have a backlog of Crafts to share but then things should settle down with small posts.

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