Being a Bag Lady

Mary Engelbreit came to the rescue of a very English problem. We buy multi packs of crisps which come in a huge packet which invariably rips when you try to find your favourite flavour. The crisp packets are then scattered all over the cupboard, taking up valuable space.
So this is a bag for all those feral crisp packets to be kept in. The yellow lining has cherries on as do the main fabric and the handles.
Isn't that armchair perfect for knitting in?
The bag is now hanging in the dead space inside the electricity meter cupboard. Thank you Simone for the gorgeous fabrics.
Another bag was needed for sheet music and music books now I am teaching Hubby to play the guitar. Mary Engelbreit came to the rescue again. These were unused FQs from her Caroler range with musical notes on. The white with red notes fabric was all used up. I like it when that happens.
The outside is black and glittery. It is a stronger than normal cotton as it seems to have a rubbery film on to keep the glitter in the fabric.
The bag even has some growing room for more print outs and books.
I'm not sure if I can be called a wire phobic, but I know I don't like the look of wires all over the place. So now there is a bag for the amp wires.
It used up the rest of the red musical notes and most of the black ones. There wasn't enough to do totally red handles, so I tried my best with an insert. The lining is striped like in music. I thought it went with the theme.
The musical note insert enabled me to make the bag a bit taller and use up the rest of the black glitter fabric to make a tall thin bag. I folded the corners so it could have a square base for the wires to be coiled into.
The musical set together! Far tidier than what was happening before with bits of paper all over the place and wires to trip over.
Snogface Arthur is appreciating these cool Autumn evenings with a bit of fire bathing.


Terri said…
Snogfaced! It's so fun to read your blogs. Love your bags. You are so organized.
Hi Terri, Arthur was plain Arthur but he is such an affectionate soppy wet lad, who liked kissing, hence his nickname. He wasn't coping in a rescue, and they struggled to keep weight on him. What he needed was a home with lots of hugs. Organised!! Me!!! Rofl! It is still chaos here with unpacked things, and nowhere to put them.
Ulla said…
Great solutions for your storage problems. The last picture looks very cosy!
Tracy said…
Feral crisp packets kept in check... haha! And with something so pretty and useful--love that! Your boxy-shaped bag for sheet music is such fun... and bag for amp wires! How wonderful you are teaching your hubby guitar!! That last photo with Arthur is so sweet. Fire bathing... perfect for now... :) ((HUGS))
Deb said…
LOL, I didn't believe you when you told me your bag was for crisps. I thought yeah, yeah, she's typed the wrong word but NO, it is for crisps. What a scream but brilliant idea!!
Snogface Arthur loves fire bathing. I think it is his Cyprus upbringing. This little cottage originally had a lot of nails for hanging things I think, as it was an inexpensive way of storing items. I keep seeing places in the beams where things once were. On the tiny landing is a huge nail, possibly from one of the mines. I keep wondering what once hung there.
I had come up with idea of a treat bag a while ago so had the hook put up inside the electricity meter cupboard door. It was then a matter of choosing some really indulgent fabrics. What better than Mary Engelbreit? I feel more Engelbreit coming along this year as it was so much fun. Those 2 music bags have made the living room feel slightly less like a gigging room. lol I'm loving the rebellious feeling of shaking off old age when I look at the guitars still. :-)
Hi Deb, crisps are a bit like Terry Pratchett's nac mac feegles. They were there in the back of the cupboards, you knew they were there! There were times when you would open the cupboard and think you had seen a packet, only when you next opened the cupboard for a snack, it had disappeared. It was more than time for them to be corralled! I did choose the more indulgent fabric I could for the bag. Hopefully I will be playing with more Engelbreit this year. It was a lot of fun to use such special fabric.
Little Busy Bee said…
I think we never have enough bags, right? The Mary Engelbreit fabric is a lovely one. What a cozy place to lounge around!
Hi Suzie, I'm trying to replace plastic carrier bags where I can in the house. Save the planet and all that, but also because they look a lot nicer. I like the idea that homes should be where we can surround ourselves with things which make us smile. Mary Engelbreit makes me smile. Wouldn't a real life chair like that one be perfect for knitting in?

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