Dotty Angel Apron Simplicity 8230 and Autumn

Tracy of Simple Gifts Pictured and I had a sew a long day last week. We settled on making the 2 items on Simplicity 8230 pattern. I opted for the apron dress (A) and Tracy for the reversible tabard (B). Go to her link to see how well she did.
I opted to fussy cut a couple of Laurel Burch mermaids for the pockets on the black linen main cloth.
The top were in pink fish from the same Laurel Burch range.
I wore it out that evening, and this is it after being washed. It is a tabard shape but has extra wide sides which can either be tied to the front or back like a  conventional apron. This though is doubled, so you have a hole to put your head through, and arm holes.
The pocket pleats were very detailed. Instead of having facing pieces, the pattern used bias binding folded and sewn to the inside of the neck and arm holes. This made making the main fabric sit correctly, more fiddly than using a facing, in the conventional way. Before I started I had to alter the pattern so it would fit someone with a shorter back. There weren't the usual lines for doing it on the pattern. I was left with the impression that the normal testers for Simplicity patterns hadn't been involved in the instructions for making this one.
Autumn is definitely in the air. I bought a Yankee Black Cherry candle.
It blends nicely with the Cinnamon Stick one near the fireplace.
With this chilly weather I made a comfort food fridge raid pizza from scratch, only to discover that according to the Testosterones, that sweet and sour hot dog on one side, and smoked salmon and tuna on pasta sauce on the other isn't really "a thing". Hmph! Tasted ok and they ate it all.
In the garden the cotinus for eco printing is looking good by the ecinacea.
Roses are still flowering in the sheltered part of the garden.
Asters are out in abundance.
The oak leaved hydrangea is starting to look fabulous.
A friend's dog coat urgently needed a buttonhole to put his harness through. It had been so long since I had done any kind of dress making that I had to find the booklet. I could only find the booklet in German, thankfully it had lots of pictures, and I got the job done in time. It was just after this I managed to get the black apron dress made.
The tiny kitchen in the cottage is pale pink and cream. This sink is ideal for wet felting.
Aloe vera and lemon grass. I really like the way the light shines through the leaves.
A splash of pale pink decadence. Cath Kidston oven gloves and pale pink kitchen towels for drying hands.
Now the garden work is slowing I've been in my favourite wallow hole with Sanctuary candles.
Let Go
Nice reminders that we need a little relax time before the Christmas Workshop rush time in the craft room. 
A couple of cords of wood were delivered this morning for the wood burner. Coupled with the new candle, all I need is to stockpile food and water and we are ready for the Zombie Apocalypse. I have a treadle sewing machine on standby, and a good stash of yarn to knit or crochet. I am prepared!

More seriously, I am looking forward to proper woolly sock weather and living in leggings again. I'm only doing Pottery this term, so I can hopefully have more time to practice the Textile techniques I have learned so far, and make some of the things on my Ideas List. 

What are your Autumn plans?


Tracy said…
It was sooo much fun having the sewing day along with you! And your aprong is just BEAUTIFUL! Love those mermaid pockets! My working up of the other tabard apron wasn't easy every step of the way either, but made it work! Usually Simplicity produces patterns that yield good results, but this one was a bit flawed in both the pattern drafting and the instructions. Having said that though, it has potential... so I wouldn't mind trying it again, but with more tweaking! ;) LOVELY to see all that's still blooming and growing in your garden. I like the abundant qualities this time of year holds. And I like the tasks of preparing home and garden for the cold, dark days ahead. So much to enjoy just now. We're getting the garden "ready for bed," as well as getting in some stores of dry goods and other things. I'm good on yarn too. ;) During the autumn and winter I want to learn more about some things for next year, really--composting, mushrooms/foraging and proper canning/jarring of food. Oh, and be finished the crochet blanket that's been on the good... hopefully before winter is over... LOL! ;) Happy Autumn Days, my friend ((HUGS))
Terri said…
Love your new "little black dress", especially the pockets!
A pink and cream kitchen sounds serene and Iove the plants in the window. I have avocadoes rooting on my sill.
Deb said…
That little apron style dress is lovely. I bet it was comfortable to wear. I love loose things like that and would happily have the extra fabric flopping around the sides.
Pale pink kitchen towels-OMG what next? Plain old white here or maybe an embossed design, how boring. What a lovely sounding kitchen, pink and green are so lovely together.
The garden is still looking lovely for you which is nice. I love echinacea flowers as they are so pretty in the garden.
Hi Tracy, yes the pattern certainly wasn't up to Simplicity's usual standard. Having said that, I've worn the apron dress with a polo neck top and leggings and it has been so comfortable. I've still got enough relish from last year to tide me through this one, and a shelf of jams. Today Autumn officially begins and I'm ready to embrace it. I've got an official knitting corner set up for the evenings with a daylight bulb so I can see properly.
The apron dress for is very comfortable with leggings and a polo neck. I auditioned Kaffe Fassett for the pockets too but the mermaids won. Son was a 2nd pair of eyes and thought that either the pink or teal fish looked best. I opted for the pink as I have a bag that colour. The cottage kitchen is such a tiny space that colours have to be pale or claustrophobic. Good luck with the avocados. My conservatory is full of aubergine plants and 4 tomatoes.
Hi Deb, the extra side fabric has ties, so it can wrap to the front or back like a conventional apron. It is very comfy with leggings and a polo neck. Good old Marks and Spencer's supplied the hand towels. I was so glad to find them, as they were the perfect shade. I have white for the back hall loo. The garden is slowing down but the roses and asters are providing splashes of colour.
Ulla said…
Your mermaid apron is lovely! Well done with the sewing session with Tracy.
Your kitchen's pale pink is sweet, it makes everything look somehow softer. The garden has still beautiful flowers, here almost everything is gone and the leaves have not yet reached the rich colours of autumn.
Thanks Ulla! Maybe we could have a sew along at some point? With the kitchen being so tiny, it needs very pale colours. The leaves have started to fall here too now. Leaf gathering will make a change from mowing. I've just planted Tête-à-tête Narcissi, Apollo Irises, and Grape Hyacinth (Muscari) vibulbs outside the front of the house so in Spring it should be white, yellow and purple. They are all fragrant and should naturalise well, so no fiddling about taking them up and replanting.

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