Latest knitting

 An area blanket and matching dog coat are finished. They will go to a group helping Cyprus dogs.
 I don't think little Lyla is impressed with that idea.


Deb said…
Oh Melanie, how could you? Look at her little face, saying not fair Mum. Gosh she is so cute. Nice wool for the blanket and coat.
She's my little sergeant major. Small and mighty! The yarn is Hayfield bonus Aran tweed 20% wool 74% acrylic 6% viscose shade 0930.
Terri said…
Beautiful blankie - looks soooo soft. Lyla will have to get used to this. I know her Mum is the kind to make stuff for others.
The Hayfield Aran tweed was a joy to knit. I was amazed at how big the blanket turned out, as the set was made from left over yarn from Hubby's jumper. Lyla does have her own blanket but she would much rather share my duvet. She is such a princess at times!
Little Busy Bee said…
Lyla looks is if she is not amused...A lovely blanket, you knit so fast!
Hi Suzie, the blanket has been in the background for a while. I couldn't believe how big it grew from leftovers. If it had been just a little bigger it would have been lap Quilt size. Lyla makes me laugh with her antics.
Tracy said…
LOVELY knitting... that looks so comfy and cozy! Poor little Lyla, though... she does look disappointed... ;) That is a beautiful portrait of her! :) ((HUGS))
Lyla would like all blankets and duvets to be just for her. When I lay a project on the floor I have to use a baby stair gate to keep the hounds off. I thoroughly recommend the yarn. It doesn't stretch because it has wool in it.

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