Birds Galore Slimbridge

 The colour combinations of birds’ feathers often inspires me. Going to Slimbridge Wild Life and Wetlands sanctuary on a cold day in October was special. I took my camera rather than relying on my iPad. It is south of Gloucester on the other side of the River Severn from the Forest. You can see the forest in the background of the photo below. The photo below that is a zoom in of the birds in that photo. I found it hard to find them using just my eyes. Can you?

Enjoy the rest of the photos at this busy time of the year.  I think the green teal was a rarity.


Terri said…
Pretty birds. They would make a pretty quilt.
Thanks Terri. The Eiders are my favourite. They make an oooo sound as if they have been told scandalous gossip. I would happily own some.
Ulla said…
Amazing birds! I found the zoomed in group on the right above the middle. Many of your birds are unknown to me, but they look so beautiful.
Tracy said…
Oh, this was a great treat to see! So many different birds... so great to see! Some we have here, and many we don't... like the flamingo! ;) Thanks for the fun share! :))) ((HUGS))
Deb said…
I love the look on the face of the first little bird with the yellowy breast hanging onto the feeder. Those flamingo's are amazing, love the colour.
I have hung feeders in our big silk tree trying to encourage the different birds to come into the garden. It's such a fabulous thing being able to watch them feed. I had to slow down the feeding though as I think they were about to all start dive bombing with all the extra weight and then of course Ron would be in heaven, being able to pounce on those flappy things that normally get away from him!
Well done Ulla! Eagle eyed! I think birds have amazing colour combinations. So useful for fabric ideas.
Some of the birds inside Slimbridge itself aren’t from the UK but the ones on the Severn Estuary fields are wetland birds who are often migratory.
That’s a blue tit Deb. Yes so many beautiful colour combinations on birds. Daughter teases me that the pigeons used to be normal sized but now they come in like Flying Fortress planes making the birdtables shake. Lol
Thank you Annie. I hope they inspire you too.

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