Hearty Cube bags and 2017 makes

I have neatened up my dressing table making cube shaped bags. Left to right: potions bag, make up bag, hair decorations bag, and essential oils bag. 
The hair bag had a trio of pockets for my wooden hair clips. 
and a pocket for scrunchies from Peru. 
Here are the pieced pockets during construction. Even the smallest triangles were used. 

The make up bag has a couple of tall thin pockets for eyeliners. They are the sort of thing I usually have to dig around for. No more!
Pockets during construction.
Here is a better pic of the angel lap quilt.
Angel face cloth with a crochet trim. The facecloth part was a free craftsy pattern.
Know anyone who would appreciate an angel in their lives right now?
This Swiss chalet tea cosy came from a vintage pattern. It was part of a present for my elderly uncle with some tea for Christmas. 
After Christmas he called thanking me for the hat. It was a little big but he drove with it on the back of his head on Christmas day. I racked my brain as I had given him a hat the previous year. Then it dawned on me that he had worn the tea cosy to church! I think there may have been a few knitters in the congregation who may have started to worry about him! 

I explained and said that I should have labelled it, and we laughed together. I can see me telling that tale for years, as a cautionary one to label your gifts with their purpose.
Remember these 2 ogham cushion covers?
A naughty Dobby dog decided their wooden buttons were really chews! I had to re-knit the button bands. This time they have metal and mother of pearl buttons.
I would like to do a quick recommendation for the 5 Heavenly Daze books by Lori Copeland. 
Imagine an island guided by 7 angels with a hot line to God helping the people of the island to solve everyday woes. A joy to read. Sadly I will start the last one at the weekend.

Another onion carrier in white cotton.
Socks made from a birthday gift of yarn.
My pottery tile progress.
A couple of mushroom themed picnic rolls. Your cutlery goes in the pocket on the right and the mat ties around them.
There was a lot of pots of tea making so I could just sip and sew in the Christmas Elving.
These sum up a English Summers to me.
Da dar! A pottery mug big enough for my morning coffee. the pot in front is my first ever wheel thrown pot, made with a lot of help from the teacher. The one behind is what I made alone afterwards. They are little, thick and wonky, but I am so proud of them. 
Lastly I forgot to show you this corduroy. I bought the fabric remnant from the scrap store.
It became a long pinafore dress ideal for Winter with my reptile circulation.

Now I think I have finally caught up with the makings so far. Lots of adventures still to share!
I also need to see what you have all been up to.


Terri said…
Now we know why you haven't been blogging... Busy as ever! So good to see you back here.
Hi Terri,
Blogspot isn’t iPad compatible (see previous post) so I load the pics on that then write the words on my computer. The computer is now down from the shelf, so it can do more than play music in the craft room (no radio reception). Hopefully this new arrangement will mean that I can keep up to date here. The lack of light in the new cottage was driving me nuts, even under a daylight bulb in an angle poise lamp. It turned out I had gone long sighted from being short sighted. Very inconvenient! Anyway I’m hoping that I can be back up to speed again in 2018. Will pop into your blog soon!
Little Busy Bee said…
So many makings, I don't know where to start!LOL
You've been pretty busy as usual, love your bag, the right places for everything a girl needs! You knitting is amazing, and your pottery is lovely, of course you should be proud of it!
Ulla said…
The tea cosy story is hilarious! My brother-in-law once said that if you leave a man alone in a room with a tea cosy in sight, he can't resist trying it on his head.
You obviously have a big organisation plan, making a bag for every purpose. The new set is elegant and very useful.
The pottery production line in Rowan Tree Cottage has also been busy. Great deep blue in the mug and little pots!
Hi Suzie, it only looks like a lot in the last 2 blog posts because I’ve been such a bad blogger. The bag set replaces an assortment of odd bags which have been going since the 1990s! I am glad I had enough left over “Hearty Good Wishes” and some new “Ahoy Me Hearties” to make a coordinated set. I am enjoying pottery- so different from fabric craft. I hope to improve.
My uncle has a good sense of humour. I think he would like your brother in law. Yes slowly I am replacing old tatty, often plastic bags, around the cottage. I’m also trying to declutter more. I hope to improve my pottery skills. It is a very different discipline from fabric. Last night the big scale dragon candle holder was biscuit fired, and 3 more ogham leaf tiles got glazed in green.
Tracy said…
LOVELY cubes/basekts for your essentials--great idea! Pretty and practical--love that! I like how you took time to customize pockets to make your storage options really work for you. The knit tea cosy is outrageously beautiful and fun--wow!! Hilarious that your Uncle wore the cosy to church though...haha! It was good for some laughs, I'm sure... but glad he was out to rights, else he'd be out & about wearing it! ;) Naughty Dobby... but lovely save on buttons for those lovely, lovely cushions. Those rainbow-y socks are gorgeous--lovelyall the purples and blues in the color way. The picnic rolls are a great idea--love the mushroom print fabric! Your tiles are wonderful! What will you do with them all? Your mega-morning mug is brilliant. Your rose-print pinafore dress is beautiful! I hope to do more clothing sewing this year--so this inspires! Happy Days! ((HUGS))
Thanks Tracy, the new cotton washable bags replace plastic based ones from the 1990s which were past their best. With blues being my new fav colours, I think they will be classic enough to last decades. I’ve been thinking about how much we “save for best” so go through life thinking of one-days. What if we thought of things in terms of “Last Makes” instead? What would your bag look like for instance if you thought it might be the last bag you might make for yourself? Wouldn’t you be tempted to use that charm pack, or a fav fabric you had been holding onto? Wouldn’t you try your hardest to make it perfect for your every need? With so much consumerism we are encouraged to make do with things which are “good enough” but aren’t necessarily perfect for us. I’m sure this is why women end up with so many pairs of shoes! So at the moment I am trying to replace plastic bags throughout the cottage with bespoke fabric ones. I am hoping that they will last for years.
Has a plastics you use in the home quiz. Hopefully if we all start to buy less plastic we can start to clean the planet up.
The buttons on the cushion covers were a re use from an acrylic I made years ago which went stringy. I couldn’t part with the buttons though. Nice that they have a use with a yarn with a lot of wool in, so will last a long while.
I saw the mushroom fabric in my lqs and immediately thought of a mushroom loving friend. The tiles will eventually go around a craft room sink.

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