Bonus post!

Andy Margrett is Ross On Wye's Rock God. An amazing player, so humble, a nice guy. Check out some of his youtube videos! He's playing at the Kings Arms in Ross on Saturday.
We were in Ross yesterday evening having a picnic by the river with cheese and pickle sandwiches (as is traditional) when we saw the advert. This place is soul food!

I added to my uncle's birthday present pile. Both he and I rescued baby wood pigeons when they had fallen from the nest when we were children. No wonder Nana didn't blink an eye when I brought in mine who I named Percy. She had seen it all before with my uncle! LOL Isn't it funny how some unexpected things just run in families. 

Anyway there were only scraps left of the wood pile fabric handily cut into triangles from another quilt, so I turned them into cup mats to match the pigeon mat. 

I finally had some inspiration about what to do with some of the fabric I had been given to make things for charity with. All the cream fabric went into this bag. I still have some of the lining fabric left. Isn't it hard to use up fabric which you wouldn't have bought in the first place! 
Today hopefully a cushion and some tissue holders for charity. Dog themed!


Jeanie said…
I love both these pieces you made -- especially the mug mats. And wonderful to give some things to the charity. I love that you rescued the pigeons!
Thanks Jeanie. I am trying to use as much of my stash fabric as I can. Even the little bits!

Percy pigeon came from a local wood so when my Nana saw he had all his feathers and was flying from the sofa back to the chair back, I had to return him. With tears streaming down my face I put him at the bottom of the tree where I had found him and walked home. When I got there, who was sat on top of the rabbit hutch but Percy! I was so happy to see him. He stayed outside though and got grain on top of the rabbit hutch for months but was free to be a wild bird.
Terri said…
What a great Children's book that true story would make. You should send it off to a publisher.
Thanks Terri. I have a soft spot even now for pigeons. Their cooing is so soothing.
Deb said…
Melanie your Uncle will be thrilled with the goodies you have made him. They are so lovely.
Thanks Deb. I was in Oxfordshire at the weekend so dropped the parcel off then. He did like it especially the pigeon. His pigeon was called Brian and had a broken wing. Nana was living at the old farmhouse at the time (grandad was stationed elsewhere loading mosquito planes during the war) so there were a lot of married and unmarried aunts back at home who also took a turn in nursing his pigeon back to health. Mine just hadn’t got his flight feathers.
Ulla said…
I like your pigeon story!
Deciding what to do with donated fabrics can sometimes be difficult. You found a nice use for those fabrics.
Thanks Ulla. I don't want to be wasteful with what I've been given, so I am racking my brains about what is a good use which could raise money for the various dog charities the lady who gave me the fabric supports. I post her the finished items to sell.

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