Purple (heat) Phase

Today is another 28c + day of sun. The weather seems to have influenced my makings.
My 3 wooden recorders needed better cases than the zipped sort they came with which could scratch them. 
The pens in my bedside cupboard needed a proper home.
I have had this old card set since my teens. The box is getting a little shabby, so time for a cover.
My latest socks. They will be in the same style as the ones below.
I finished these socks from ball ends last night. As slouch socks they are perfect for walking boots. I can just pull them up to my knees to go inside wellies. 
I played with scraps to make this journal cover. The rainbow diagonal is one of my favs. 

Years ago I went to Egypt and brought back some scarves to use as fabric. This is what I made from the leftovers. I liked the tassels so this runner was born. 
The tiniest bits managed to make a pocket front for a future project.
The main pieces went on these Bedouin Tents. The design is based on Kaffe Fassett's African Huts, but I made them narrower.
A Debbie Munn Christmas make. Love this cabin!
My crochet bag strap kept digging in so I added a trim.
Son saw the reel holder he made in action!
Last of all Hubby has a lot of meds. This will keep them organised in one place before he puts them in his weekly organiser. 

I will pop in and visit my visitors this evening. Cooking calls!


Jeanie said…
Of all the creative things I do, the one that I cannot master is stitching/quilting, etc. So I am in awe of your beautiful work, wonderful colors and lovely fabrics!
Terri said…
Everything looks great! Good idea to put pills in a darker place. Thanks for sharing.
Ulla said…
You have found very creative solutions for many different storage problems, and used lovely fabrics. The Bedouin tents are beautiful!
Thank you Jeanie. I’m still a beginner not often out of the ditch with quilting. For me the pleasure is putting colours together and seeing the effect. I’m glad you liked how they came out too.
Thanks Terri. I’m enjoying things being tidier too.
Thank you Ulla. My uncle spent a lot of time in Saudi so the Bedouin Tents are for him. The runner is for us. I will share what else I have made my uncle in the next post.
Tracy said…
Your level of productions continues to leave me in awe, Melanie! Sooo many wonderful makes! Love all those purple fabrics... And the slouchy socks are so much fun! Happy Crafting... and keep cool! ;)
Jeanie said…
How did I miss this one? So many beautiful things and I love them all. The socks best of all, I think, although that runner from the scarf is exquisite. And don't you love anything Kaffe Fawcett? Love the Debbie Munn, too!

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