A Mix of Makes

It's been an all sorts week for making. Another pair of knee high/ ankle slouch socks. I'm making a multicoloured pair at the moment slightly shorter. I'm about to do the heel on the second sock, so you should hopefully see them next Wednesday. This is about the only evening knitting I can do when it is so hot. 
I used Debbie Mumm's appliques to make 3 more cushions for charity. 
Hopefully my friend can sell them to help Cyprus dogs.
It has been surreal making things for Christmas in a heatwave. Is this how Australians feel every year?
Christmas lavender bags, again for charity.
At least these pastel cushion covers for charity felt a bit more seasonal. I used donated fabric for the backs of all 5 cushions. That felt good.
This also felt good. This pump has been waiting since my 21st birthday to be used. We've moved house with it 3x but until now didn't have the right sort of garden. I am amazed that in spite of the battered box everything works!
Of course I found Victorian pottery as I dug the pond shape, (cottage is Victorian) but more exciting, below that level, was an area with burnt wood with an older clay pipe stem! 
These scrappy lavender bags are for us. The bow tie one will be a little something for Hubby on our 30th anniversary on Sunday.  The blue one is for me in one of my favourite Kaffe Fassett fabrics. Pink and blue are so beautiful together! 
The smell of lavender takes me back to my grandmother who taught me about lavender bags, just as her mother taught her, going back through the centuries. 
Ok back to Christmas. 6 fabric gift tags for charity and below 7 dog themed box base bags. Just pop a gift in and tie with a pretty ribbon. The bags are mostly lined in donated fabric. The binding was all from scraps from previous bindings. Best of all the outer fabric is the last of all 4 fabrics. No more Scooby Doo, scottie, westie, or labrador! 
That is a nice end to today's makings. I really enjoy using up little bits. I feel as if I got my money's worth as well as having a challenge.


Terri said…
You are a busy bee! Love all your makings, Christmas cushions for doggies!!! You are good peeps.
Willow said…
Wow! You have been busy!
I am fortunate to belong to a local handweavers and spinners guild so I have access to books, videos and experts.
Last night I pulled out my sewing machine. Finally!
That sounds like the best kind of resource!

Good luck with your sewing machine. What are you planning to make?

I dabble in eco printing and plant based dyeing. Some of the garden is used for woad, weld and chamomile at the moment. Do you dye any of the yarn or textiles after weaving?
Thanks Terri just doing my bit after a lot of self indulgence. Lol It’s a good way to use up scraps, leftovers and donated fabrics. One day my stash will be under control again!
Jeanie said…
I can't believe your productivity -- you are just amazing! Love the Christmas tags and your socks are to die for. I know the charity work will be very popular!
Ulla said…
Your pond is going to be beautiful! Well done using up so many fabrics and sewing so many things for the dog charity. I wonder if Christmas sewing could make you feel cooler in the heat?
Tracy said…
More wonderful makes, Melanie! I don't know how you create so much. I need an extra 24 hours... LOL! ;) LOVE the socks--the stripes on the toes are extra fun! So many lovelies for charity--well done! Sweet Christmas cushions! I really like the colors of that one cushion --the mix of traditional Christmas red & green paired with the happy colors of pink and aqua blue--brilliant! The fabric gift tags are a wonderful idea--and can be reused too, love that! The lavender sachets are great...that bow tie one for you hubby is terrific! :) So happy your pond dream is coming true this summer--hooray! And HAPPY 30th to you and your Mister!! That's a big milestone! Have a happy weekend celebrating!! LOVE to you both from us here! :))) ((HUGS))
I admire you getting so much done in this heat! Cute cushions.
Keep focusing on the pond and don't get stuck digging for treasure (although I would be tempted).
Happy 30th anniversary!

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