This week’s makes

I've mainly been making for charity this week. I wanted to stash bust my lingering Christmas fabrics and had some Christmas dog labels, so these stockings were born. Nice size for dog treats.
Tissue holders 8 westies, 8 scotties and 8 labradors. 
14 Christmas themed tissue holders.
This dog panel has been loitering for a long time. I was glad to turn it into a dog themed cushion cover. 
I was given some fabric for charity making, so I used this vintage piece to make a pillow for the cushion cover. 
Da dar!
This bag was made entirely from donated fabric.
I think my mother had the blue colourway of this fabric as a bedding in the 1970s!
A large piece of fabric made a couple of Summery aprons last night.
In the garden the grass is turning brown in the heatwave. The hounds are enjoying it however.


Jeanie said…
I think it's wonderful you make for charity! Lots of wonderful things to make many people happy! The little tissue holders are extra cute!
Ulla said…
You certainly are running a little charity factory! I hope the dog items will sell well and bring the much needed money for your chosen charity.
The flowers in your garden are beautiful!
Thanks Jeanie. I’m glad to be finally using up some of the donated fabric, as well as lingering Christmas fabric. I’m hoping that 2018 will be the year when I get my fabric stash under control. I hope these things sell well for charity.
Thanks Ulla, so do I. The lady I post to, helps a number of dog charities according to need. I’m glad to be able to help a little. She is the one who gave me a lot of fabric, so I am hopefully returning it in a more sellable state.

I really like lavender. This variety is the bluest I have seen.
Willow said…
Cute pink bag! You are certainly a quick sewer!
I have three lavender plants and they produce a lot of flowers--probably due to my mediterranean climate.
I popped over here from Tracy's blog.
Thank you Willow for popping in. I was given a lot of fabrics to make things for Cyprus dog charities. I am trying to be quick at the moment so the lady has plenty of Christmas stock for her stall and any shows/events she goes to. Lavender is a wonderful plant and so useful! I've started on lavender bags - my first crop since moving in here, so it is exciting. Whereabouts are you? Tracy is lovely. We finally met up earlier this year.

Love the doggie fabrics you have used and the stockings and tissue holders are sweet.
I have a question about lavender. When do you cut and dry them for lavender bags? I always have lavender on the terrace to help keep gnats away.
Thanks Anne-Lise. For bags I run the stem between my thumb and finger collecting the lavender in my hand. If it comes off easily then it is ready. I watch for the first flower on a stem, as the rest wont be in flower yet, they will have the most lavender oil in each grain. If I'm making wands, I use the stems which will bend easily to form the cage of newly flowering lavender. I then cut the stems leaving as long as possible so the stems can be trimmed level when the wand is finished. Hope that helps. Attar of Roses Geranium is also good for keeping bugs away. I make a pot pourii with dried rose petals and leaves. The fresh leaves smell gorgeous!

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