Autumn is in the Air

Hello Lovelies! This cushion cover is what I made from the little triangle off-cuts from the Lollygagging bed drape for the zig zag leaf edges. The backing is the same soft cotton herringbone weave fabric too.
2 pairs of shoes have lavender bags and 4 more coat hangers. This time Kaffe Mosaic and my all time favourite Freckle in pink. More grey bags are waiting on lavender drying.

This was all I had managed to make in a week where I was on antibiotics which made me sleepy.
So let me show you what I made on Saturday. 7 blue lined doggy stockings
3 green and gold dot lined doggy stockings- these 10 went to a dog charity Open Day and Show on Sunday. 
I kept this holly one for my Christmas pile.
15 glasses cases inter-lined in pellon also went to the dog charity. 
I finished this cotton cardigan at long last. Thankfully I was onto the button bands and collar when I pulled my shoulder. The yarn wasn't knitting like the one the pattern was designed for so I did a lot of improvising. Also I don't like flappy cuffs when I work so I made those in the round afterwards. They were meant to be decorative like the collar and hem in the original pattern. I had the 3 big vintage buttons in stash. 
This rat themed purse is for Daughter. It's a second attempt. I tried to design one in leather but it would have been too snug for her hand. This shape in cotton is a lot wider, so her hand can go inside easily.
Inside I put a little paw themed patch pocket.
I have been back at the Royal Hotel in Ross on Wye for supper looking at the Gazebo Tower 
Watching a glorious sunset. I'm more than ready for the slower pace of Autumn and the beautiful colours it brings. How about you? 
Crabapple Hill Studios have brought out more witch themed stitcheries. Perfect for Halloween displays and sewing by the fireside.


Tracy said…
As always, so many lovely makes, Melanie! I don't know how you do it all! So nice with the cushion cover to go along with your beautiful new bed drape. Such pretty fabrics for the lavender bags, and sooo many fun fabrics for your charity makes. The white cardigan is BEAUTIFUL!! The plainer cuffs was a good idea, more practical, and yet you still have the lace of the collar and hem--win-win. ;) It has a lovely vintage look! How wonderful that golden light... *sigh* ... Autumn is definitely on the doorstep here too, and after the blazing hot summer we welcome it! Happy autumn days ahead, stitching and knitting by the fire... :))) ((HUGS))
Ulla said…
Beautiful cardigan, and much more practical with the plain cuffs. A white cotton cardigan goes with everything in the Summer and long into the cooler days. Very generous sewing for the dog charity. Those metal frame purses are high in fashion again, and I still have my frames untouched from the previous wave. I don't seem to find a pattern to use with them.
The colours are changing here already and I love the clear fresh air (when it is not raining).
Jeanie said…
I don't see how you do what you've done. And I would definitely say you've lived an exhausting pace so I hope the fall finds things a bit calmer and more gentle for you. Beautiful images, all.

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