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I very rarely post about current news events but this story has me worried. A lot of people in the UK have been wondering why Ellie Yarrow-Sanders fled with her son Ollie during family court proceedings for custody. Mainstream papers haven’t published the letter she left to her family in full. I found it here. I can fully understand now why she fled. She was only 18 and he 37 when their relationship began and he controlled every aspect of it.

There is a petition site asking that her full letter be allowed to be published.

There is also a link as her ex partner Patrick Sheridan is now targeting her family with court action.


Jeanie said…
We're not familiar with this case, as you might expect. But I do understand why some women will leave in a case like that. In many ways, I think more should...
Deb said…
What a terrible situation this poor woman and child find themselves in. I cannot believe the way the court system are treating them, so unfair. The husband sounds like a real bastard, excuse my swearing. He needs to be locked up because this is the only way he is going to get any help. He is mentally unstable for sure.
I so how they are safe and her family do not suffer any backlash from all of it.
All so very sad

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