Stratford Upon Avon and watery makes

 Welcome to Stratford Upon Avon.
 We are here enjoying the April sunshine by the River Avon.
 South of the current town centre is the church where Shakespeare is buried.
 The Royal Shakespeare Theatre is the place where his work is kept very much alive.
 The back of the theatre.
 Stratford Church. Sadly closed for a couple of weddings so no tomb pics. 
 Beautiful apple blossom.

After the shock of my step father's death, a little earlier than the oncologist thought, I had a craving to make something blue.
 This little mini quilt is what happened. 
 I loved paper piecing the pond itself then appliqueing the leaves flowers and wings. 
 I had some stash beads which were just right for the dragonfly bodies.
 Sirdar Colourwheel shade 204 was great for this slouch hat.The turquoise shades have yet to be used. I think someone got the yarn weight wrong for this pattern as it only took half the stated amount.
 I wore this hat with a grey polo neck and my tweed jacket for the Stratford trip, so was very warm.
 The new needles I bought there deserved their own little needle case. 
 It will join the crochet roll and bag set.

The joy I felt during the trip led to me pulling out all my fav Laurel Burch fabrics. I bought a pretty 5" sheathed serrated knife from Stratford market. Clearly it was made for cutting bread rolls or buttering them on an impromptu car picnic. So the car needed it's own joyful adventuring rucksack.
 Back in watery reeds and blue- inner with zippered pocket edged in diagonal rainbow binding. 3 patched pockets, 2 of which are in rainbow horses fabric. 
Middle in purple -lining with 3 patched pockets in rainbow horses fabric. The big one is divided into 2.
Front in rainbow horses on lilac- outer 2 zipped pockets edged in rainbow binding and a gusseted rainbow horse magnetic closure pocket. 

 They layered up to create this rucksack. Front.
 How the lining pockets work within each outer zip pocket.
 Outer back of rucksack. The buckle clips attach the front to the back to make it secure and adjustable. 

It was wonderful to work with such happy colours. Hubby laughed when he saw it and I told him it was our rucksack for the car. Apparently if we come across a gang of Hells Angels in a Zombie Apocalypse, it will rapidly be transferred to my shoulders. 

Have you had any makes lately which made you grin from ear to ear?


Ulla said…
So good to see you in a more positive mood again! Your car rucksack made me grin, you have such imagination for creating new projects. Very clever solutions. The pond quilt is lovely!
annemariesquilt said…
I love your new rucksack and your pretty little needle case :-) Take care Melanie.. I know that I am a no comment blogger, I just do not know how to mend that ...
Jeanie said…
We didn't get to Stratford on our trip so I especially love seeing your photos. I was there with my mom in 1973 and I'd love to go again. I'm so impressed with all your projects but that picnic carryall with the Laurel Burch fabrics was swoon-worthy! SO pretty. I love her work and you really did a wonderful job making it both beautiful and functional.

Take care as you go through the grieving time. Even when you know it can happen, things can throw you for a loop.
Tracy said…
How BEAUTIFUL is Stratford! We must get ourselves there one day. ;) How GORGEOUS your Lily Pond quilt... Just LOVE the beads for the dragonflies and all the pretty embroidery! That hat is such fun--love the slouch! And how FAB is your handmade car rucksack--all that rainbow goodness is soooo much fun! What a great design you made of this. So many jolly maKes during a difficult time... Thinking of you all there! ((BIG HUGS))

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