May Makings to almost Midsummer

Hi Readers!
I know, long time no see from me but I have been doing a few crafty things. I'm still stash busting as much as possible. Has anyone else taken stock of their stash and wondered how they were ever going to use it up in their lifetime? So no more buying FQs without a specific purpose for me! ... well that is what I keep telling myself!
A baby hat from leftover dk.
I stained these oak chairs back to as original as much as I could. 
The woodshed fun makeover with new fascias is complete.
The Norway inspired wool felt and appliqu├ęs is finally finished. It was so weird working on it with the sunshine outside Yes this really was how far behind I got with my crafting when the cottage and garden needed attention. Each is a real building I saw in the right colour apart from one.
I bought some pvc covered sage green cotton with cream stars on for the chair seats. Of course the table had to have the same protection too. The curtains are Honeysuckle from Country Diary of an Edwardian lady, so the colours are ok together. 

I made a second amp cover in another fabric in the range. Sorry no pic as Blogger is making a meal of accessing the photos on my ipad. I have to load the photos from there but they don't always all arrive but I can't tell  until I come on this computer, as I can only see the first 2 photos on my ipad. 
I wish Blogger was mobile friendly!
Another snow project! Leonie Morgan’s Snowflake blanket design. I'm making her Pop Flowers at the moment which feels far more in keeping with the weather.

This lilac yarn wasn’t quite right for Snowflakes so was my first crochet cardigan for a child and there was enough left over for a hat.
This made me smile. I still have one clover amour hook to collect but I needed a little cheerful sewing project. I love how it  turned out. My old hook roll now contains my metal hooks.
Retried! Here is the missing amp cover photo. They blend in better than the black they come in. Slowly the cottage is becoming more as we want it. A non leaky roof should start to happen next week.


Ulla said…
You have been busy like you always are, in so many different techniques! The Norway felt is a piece of art!
Thank you Ulla. The Norway project was in my head for a long time, but sadly my hands were lagging far behind. I’m glad I have finally finished my snow themed projects.

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